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Film online Fist Of The Warrior (2009) Subtitrat in limba romana

Fist Of The Warrior (2009)
Categorie: Actiune
Titlu: Film Online Subtitrat - Fist Of The Warrior (2009)
Data: 2010-05-28
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A retired hit man is drawn back into the fray in this martial arts action thriller starring Ho-Sung Pak (Drunken Master II, Alone in the Dark). Lee Choe (Pak) moved to San Francisco to escape a life of crime and live in peace with his beautiful girlfriend Sarah. Any hope for a happy future is violently shattered, however, when Lee refuses an order from his handler John Lowe to dispense with notorious crime boss Miles, and John has Sarah killed in retaliation. Now, in order to seek vengeance on those who kill for money, Lee dedicates the rest of his life to writing the wrongs he had committed in the past. But avenging the sins of others is no easy task, and as Lee prepares to take on the city´s most feared criminal kingpin, the stage is set for a showdown that will shake the entire San Francisco underworld.

Categorie: Actiune | Views: 1545 | Rating: 4.0/12
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