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Film online Plaguers (2008) – Virusul Subtitrat in limba romana

Plaguers (2008) – Virusul
Categorie: Fantastic
Titlu: Film Online Subtitrat - Plaguers (2008) – Virusul
Data: 2010-05-23
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Any remnants of this movie should be wiped off the face of the earth. If I could use the word crap over and over and get it posted, I'd do that. Instead, I have to write something explaining my position (bent over toilet vomiting) on why this flick blew chunks. Well, how about every conceivable gaffe in film making is represented in this movie. If you wanted to use this debacle as an example in a freshman film making class of what NOT to do when attempting to make your first movie...this would work just fine. It violates the senses of anyone unfortunate enough to watch this poorly made stink bomb. Move over "Ed Wood and One Shot Beaudine," there's another really bad film guy on the lot.
Categorie: Fantastic | Views: 1281 | Rating: 5.0/5
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