ExTerminators (2009)
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I think the movie has real potential. Hilarious in many places through out the film. I loved the cast and the idea behind the script! Music selection could have been better, but that's what the screening process is all about. Great to see they used Texas as the main location, it brings some diversity to the movie industry and shows that Texas does have a lot to offer for the filming industry. Jennifer Coolidge made me laugh as she always does and up coming star Amber Heard really worked well with Coolidge. Heather Graham was a delight as always to see in the movie. She seems to always be able to bring a sense of familiarity to every film she's in and had the pleasure of meeting Sam Lloyd from Scrubs and had to say his acting was superb as always. He brought a funny yet ironic inside look portraying an IRS Agent. Hope to see it in theaters soon!!!!
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