Rann (2010)
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Now for the disappointing bits. Its almost as if the film makers felt the subject alone wasn't good enough and so decided to go for cutting edge camera angles and really loud background soundtrack to mask the film, heighten the tension. It actually was not needed, the subject matter and performances were good enough, they didn't need gimmicks like this or the abandoned national anthem. There were some obvious flaws. You would probably keep your helmet visor down if you were trying to follow someone incognito nor follow so closely. And maybe you would put your phone on silent when in the vicinity of someone you're trying to 'sting' ? Also, I felt the women characters were sadly shown as mere puppets throughout the film…inconsequential pawns in the hands of the men who controlled their destiny. Surely more could've been made of the combined acting talents of Simone, Neetu Chandra, Gul Panag and Suchitra ? Its definitely worth a watch, Amitabh's performance alone worth the price of a ticket. And there is food for thought…now if only the damned music wasn't cluttering up the mind…. More reviews at ApurvBollywood...
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